ColorMunki Photo – Monitor, Printer & Projector Profiler

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    Designed especially for professional photographers and passionate hobbyists, the ColorMunki Photo is an all-in-one spectrophotometer that allows you to adjust and match colors between devices. The ColorMunki is the only device you need to calibrate your computer monitors, projectors, and printers so that the color you see on screen is precisely the same as the color you’ll get in print. With ColorMunki, you’ll finally be able to stop wasting ink, paper, and valuable time with trial-and-error color correction, and enjoy the benefits of precise color from the beginning. As a photographer, you know perfect color is essential. But with today’s complex digital imaging workflows, getting colors to match between devices can be a challenge. ColorMunki simplifies this challenge with its easy-to-use interface and self-guided system, streamlining the process while still delivering optimal results. In just minutes, you’ll be able to synchronize your monitor’s colors with the colors of your printer or projector.

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    ColorMunki Photo – Monitor, Printer & Projector Profiler